Friday, 4 August 2017

An Epic Event That Took Place In My Office

July 17, 2017, around 10.30am, I was with my boss in his office reflecting on some of the things that happened the previous week. All of a sudden, we started hearing an uproar from another part of the office. The noise wasn't that of an impending danger because it was a bit uniform, similar to that of a musical voice crescendo. But what could be happening? Trust my nosy nature, I quickly excused myself to go and find out.

Getting there, few people who saw me began to adjust and started talking in a hush-hush voice because they knew I came from the boss. I moved near one of my colleagues and asked what the issue was. Apparently, an e-mail emanated from the Human Resources department caused the "joyful commotion". What was the content of this email? It was to notify the entire office about a forthcoming wedding this month between two of our colleagues in the same office. came as a pleasant shock to everybody perhaps being the first time in our organisation but not me because I was privy to some things during my guy's "kurukere" moves.

Really, that wouldn't be a strange thing and I know it will not be a news to a lot of us because it happens everywhere. But you know what really caught my attention about this union? Every single person in the office has got one good thing or the other to say about this young, pretty, kindhearted, gentle, well-mannered and unassuming lady in question! Even her female colleagues testified to the fact that our guy got a good lady to marry. This would be the first time in my life that every single person of about 80 workers would be having good things to say about a lady all through. As I reflected on this, i came up with some qualities which I would like to share with my single ladies especially because it still tells me that what men are looking for in a marriage partner still remains the same. Not only that, faithfulness and good deeds pay a lot.

1. For the purpose of this write up, I will name the lady Aminat and our guy, Dele. Aminat is a very cool headed lady. Times without number, people have stepped on her toes but her reactions were never out of order. "She put body for ground well well......o fara bale."

2. Aminat is a very reserved lady but at the same time very friendly and not boring. When you engage her in conversation or argument, you would definitely enjoy your flow with her but you will never see her play carelessly with any opposite sex in the office. She comports herself in a very modest manner. Go to some organisations and you see how loose some ladies could be with their male colleagues. You even see some married women who are very comfortable with single guys slapping their buttocks at will. Our Aminat has got no record of scandal with anyone!

3. Another testimony about Aminat was that she has got courtesy and respect for everyone. She happens to be a lady who will never get tired of being the one to first say hello to you whether you see her or not. Always ready to help and share her things with you. I personally experienced these things about her.

4. This point shocked me most coming from her female friends at work! She is a very domesticated lady! As "tushed" as Aminat is, there is no type of local soup/food that Aminat doesn't know how to prepare. I am talking of a Lekki babe here o. Asides this, if you meet her washing plate after lunch at work, depending on the timing, Aminat would gladly offer to help you wash without you asking her to do so. I learnt she is the only lady that does that in the whole of my office!

5. In as much as anybody is free to marry who she likes, I doff my cap for her saying "yes" to my very handsome, lively, honest and kindhearted Dele despite the fact that they are in the same office and on the same level earning the same salary. Like I said earlier, this is a Lekki babe who told me she got her international passport processed and delivered to her in less than 48 hours. I know it's no big deal but I just mentioned that so that we can have an idea of where she is coming from. She laid all those ones aside and more to start building her life afresh with a very promising young guy.....she wasn't looking for an already made man.

6. It's most likely that Aminat would have to make the sacrifice and resign her appointment with the organisation. She saw it as a risk worth taking and she is doing it for the man she loves. That's another big lesson.

These and many more made me see reasons why she had a resounding testimony, why a well-trained and focused man went for her. Thank you Aminat for the reassurance that there is still hope for serious minded guys like your guy.

As you both become one tomorrow, 5th of August, I can only wish you two love without end in Jesus name. Wishing you a happy married life. Congratulations my people!

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