Saturday, 13 February 2016

Etiology Of Female Power - A Valentine Poem For Men

Here is a very powerful poem written by my dear friend, Yahaya Balogun from Arizona for the delight of married couples especially the men in this valentine period. Please do enjoy it, and i can assure you that it will definitely ignite something in you. Happy Valentine!!! 

I am a woman with female power
Your beautiful bride, so radiant!
I have used my mother-nature(power)

To achieve my goals.
Power that is carefully crafted
To prepare my nest for your lust.

My nest is fertile with fecund love
It makes you lame and tame.
My beauty makes your brain
To take a French leave

To you love is blind;
Love to me is not blind
It has eyes with vision for night
A clear visual for day.

Your love for me is a temporary insanity
Being cured by our marriage
Oh! My suitor-in-lust.
Love is blind to your best interests

My love for you is far from being insane,
I am anything but fool or blind
To my own interests, I see my wants.

My mother had thought me in her womb
All weapons I need to arrest a man's love
I subsumed myself to unearth you
In the parallel universe

And to all codes I need after my cradle
To make my man my slave-nest

I have your emotional attachment
In my custody

I train my man to cord his feelings insuperably
From my body( lust)
I have conditionally sentenced you
To the prison of love
As long as you crave for my body.

Contrary to norm
You chase me around until I caught you
You are firmly in my grip and confinement
As you have lost your freedom
My nest is for you to dwell
For as long as you lust me.

My own love for you is a smoke
Made with fume of sigh.
I have solid weapons at my disposal.
Lust, love, romance and motherly care
Each is potent with unique purpose
To embellish my nest and tame you.

Lust is an emotional disease,
That metastasizes you to crave for me at any cost

Love is an instrument that cords your feelings, with my smitten-nest
And addicts you to my body(lust)

Romance beclouds your sense of judgement to discern my hanky-panky with you
Motherly care is a marital buffer,
That makes marriage lasts forever.

On our wedding day,
Your smile was naturally authentic
As you danced away ignorantly
To the celebration of your own defeat.

After our nuptial,
As we both dance to your vanquish,
I saw empathy on the faces
Of men who had been married before you.

As I kissed you in the full glare of the crowd,
I soliloquize joyfully to my mind.
That the fool is firmly in my nest-slave.
I can use him the way I want eternally.

The fool has lost his freedom to me
As long as he lusts me

Woe! unto woman with no power to command men.

Woman power is gentle, kind and lovingly mischievous
Women who know how to use their natural power
Rule the (men's) world.

Happy Valentine day to you my naiveté. #RealitywithTID

By: Yahaya Balogun,
      Arizona, USA

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