Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Struggling With Early Ejaculation? Please, Read This!

I have heard a lot of definitions about early ejaculation also known as premature ejaculation. The most common among these definitions is that premature ejaculation is seen as the inability of a man to hold ejaculation beyond one minute of sexual intercourse (mainly thrusting). In as much as this is true to an extent, I would want to state categorically that this may not hold for every couple. It would have been preferable that the definition is personalized because some women do get satisfied within one minute of thrusting depending on how creative their husbands have been during foreplay. And it may interest you to discover that some men even get their wives satisfied with just their fingers before penetration occurs. With this, one is forced to ask the benefit of having a sustained erection while your partner has already reached orgasm and just want to be in your arms to relish on the experience. For such, I think it would be wrong to say that their partners experience premature ejaculation!

In order to have a balanced outlook on this topic, Premature ejaculation should best be looked at from a relatively personalised angle and be defined as the inability of a man to sustain ejaculation before the envisaged period (length of time required for his partner to reach orgasm) between himself and his wife which eventually leads to dissatisfaction especially on the part of the wife. There are some methods by which this challenge could be combated, but the most important virtue to have while handling this challenge is discipline; discipline to adhere to the dynamics of the instructions peculiar to the methods knowing fully well that conquering premature ejaculation is not a rocket science. Just as it is with other things in life, the art of overcoming premature ejaculation is learnt and mastered with constant practice which eventually results into perfection. So, if you want to scale through this hurdle, kindly hang on there while we discuss these methods.
Healthy Eating Lifestyle. Our bodies have been configured in such a way that with the right kind of food and lifestyle, it heals in itself and functions properly with little or no medication. Cultivating a healthy eating lifestyle especially consuming fruits that look like the male reproductive organs are natural ways of making you last longer in bed because they aid proper sexual performance for men. Fruits like carrot, cucumber, date seeds, avocado pea, banana and watermelon fall into this category; they increase blood flow, contain amino acids, bromelain which is an enzyme that enhances libido, boost the production of hormones and increase energy level. When these fruits are combined with regular exercises suitable for your health as prescribed by your physician, you are on your way to a great sexual lifestyle.
Mental Control. Most men actually put themselves at a disadvantaged position even before the intercourse by focusing on the excitement that they envisage from ejaculation. To them, sex is all about satisfying themselves through orgasm rather than seeing it as another opportunity to have an intimate time with their spouses, so anxiety builds up in them and this eventually heightens the chances of premature ejaculation. This could be dealt with by trying to discipline yourself to focus on your partner’s satisfaction and also concentrating on those parts of her body that gives you lesser pleasure like the boobs instead of the vagina during intercourse. While you do this, taking your mental focus away from the sensation that you will experience at the tip of your penis will also go a long way to help. Pay less attention to the information that your brain is supplying about the whole show by diverting your thoughts.

Frequent Sexual Activity. How often do you have sex? The more you have sex and ejaculate, the more your chances of having a delayed ejaculation and satisfying your wife. With good diet, regular exercise and right frame of mind, it won’t be a big deal if you ejaculate early in the first round. As a matter of fact, most men don’t last long enough in the first round but where the challenge lies is if you don’t last long in the first round and you are unable to go for the second round which will naturally take longer for you. Aside this, you can’t compare a couple that have sex maybe like thrice in a month with another couple that have sex on the average of thrice in a week. The difference is always there and obvious for the parties concerned.

Kegel Exercise. Have you ever heard of Kegel exercise before? It’s not limited to women alone but a simple routine exercise that men can also do to delay their ejaculation while having sex. You can train yourself ahead of intercourse to master it by deliberately stopping yourself midway while urinating for some seconds before you continue. You can try that till you master it for about three times a day. Then hit your bed, while having intercourse, stop just immediately you feel the sensation to ejaculate and contract the muscles between your scrotum sac and anus (which regulates ejaculation) with the aid of your abdominal muscles as well. That is simply the kegel exercise you can do in the midst of sexual performance when you feel the urge to ejaculate. Contract the muscles in those three areas for about ten seconds by which ejaculation would have been held off then relax the contraction for some time before you continue. You can repeat this process for as many times as you wish to delay ejaculation until you are fully ready to let go. You may not be able to achieve this if you have not actually been practicing it perhaps while urinating which also shouldn’t be for long because of the health implication of holding urine.

Off and On Method. This is an effective but disciplined method of controlling premature ejaculation. It simply requires the man to stop every sexual activity for some 2-3 minutes whenever the urge to ejaculate is building up to relax and resume later. This method is mostly effective if accompanied by a change in sexual position at every point of resumption. If the couples can help it, they should try to avoid or delay using the missionary and the doggy style till when they feel orgasm is possible. On the other way round, rather than go off sexual activity and just wait for few minutes, you or your wife can have the tip of your penis (where the sensation is mostly pronounced) squeezed to make erection go down and when erection goes down, ejaculation will be difficult. While this is done, relax a bit before resumption of sexual activities with a different position. Always repeat this process till your mind is made up to ejaculate.

Decreased Tempo Technique. The excitement created by sex which must have been built up from the creative fore play activities could be tempting to make you rush thrusting. This has a great tendency for encouraging premature ejaculation. The antidote is to reduce the excitement by not rushing it at all. Just be there, be cool and completely lost in it. Slow down the pace with slow deep thrusts. This will decrease how much stimulation your penis is getting while not having to stop intercourse. When you are deep, twisting your hips. This reduces reduce your stimulation.
Scrotal Sac Tweak. During intercourse, the scrotal sac that contains two testis shrinks and pulls up when ejaculation is very close. You can stop the ejaculation from happening by using your hand or asking your wife to gently and carefully pull down the contracted scrotal sac from your body. This automatically allows ejaculation to cease for some time while you continue intercourse. You can do this intermittently depending on how long you want the ejaculation delayed.  #RealitywithTID


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