Saturday, 12 August 2017

Mind Sets Are So Powerful!

It's a good thing to pray, fast, do vigils and attend so many miraculous church programmes. If all these work for you, fine. But you know what? All these will just be efforts in futility if you don't change your mind set. Mindsets are so powerful because they control what we eventually come up with in life. None of the results in our life today is devoid of our mindsets and what we will eventually amount to in future is to a large extent a function of our mindsets.

Mindsets are fixed attitudes or ideas that you have which are often difficult to change. They also design your values and chart your course in life. Your mindset simply makes you who you are. What sort of mindset are you having in every aspect of your life?

You will keep having problems with jobs if your attitude reeks that of "30 days make one pay", whether you work or not. When you are lazy and can't go extra mile on your job, no matter the type of spiritual exercise you engage in, when push comes to shove, you will be replaced. No matter the seed or offering you sow irrespective of the anointing oil you use, no matter who laid hands on you, if you don't prepare and do the needful for the interview you are going for, grace will not speak for you!

Relationship wise, when you stick to your traditions without reviewing them when it’s obvious they are not working for you, you will keep having problems with your relationships. When you have a negative mindset towards everybody you come across or comes your way, it will be very difficult for you to hold a meaningful relationship. If your mindset is such that all men are the same or all women are the same and this is how to treat them, "wahala go dey". When you dump the success of your relationship on God's laps and expect Him to help you succeed at it even when you are not ready to slave for it and work things out, you can't have a meaning relationship but keep engaging in spiritual exercises that will not yield any result.

If you are not creating time deliberately to be at home and see things happen under your nose, no amount of "as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" will work. You can't eat your cake and have it, you can't be up there and at the same time give the impression that you are down here with them. If you crave for a smooth relationship with your kids, be deliberate about it. You can't know what's in their hearts if you don't know what's in their school bags first!


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